What defines luxury? When you travel with Sea Dream Yacht Club this is not a question you need to ask.

Sea Dream Yacht Club is more than cruising, it’s yachting. With the yachts’ intimate size and focus on outstanding service, a feeling of luxury is a given! The multiple award winning yachts of Sea Dream Yacht Club are known for their attention to detail, sumptuous cuisine and their incredible Thai certified spas as well as an inclusive open bars and gratuities. Elegantly casual, intimately sized 56 room twin engine yachts accommodate only 112 guests at a time with a crew of 95 to make all your vacation dreams come true. Sea Dream Yacht Club seeks to provide a lifestyle that compliments their destinations in the Mediterranean and Caribbean so you can focus on the sunsets and the stars in the eyes of your partner.

Sea Dream Yacht Club has the added benefit of being charterable. Plan your special event, wedding or corporate event knowing your privacy and comfort are assured!

SeaDream Yacht Club Brochure