“More than a Vacation”

Experience travel with a purpose….Discover Corps Volunteer Trips


The new trend in vacations is “Experience based travel.” Immerse yourself in an exciting new culture as you’re making a meaningful contribution to their community. Enjoy a once in lifetime opportunity to impact our world. Work with conservation experts in South Africa staying in a safari camp as you help  white lion cubs bred in captivity to re populate the wild. Search for the elusive Blue Footed Booby in the unspoiled Galapagos. Help children improve their English by talking to them while visiting the Temple of the Dalai Lama in exile as you explore the Himalayas in India. Join the conservation efforts as you take an elephant for his morning walk before your afternoon on the pristine beaches of Phuket in Thailand.


This is more than a vacation! Return invigorated, educated and spiritually rejuvenated. Your friends will wonder how a vacation could mean so much!


Galapagos – Family Volunteer Vacation